Top restaurants for Shanghai 2010 Expo

For too many, the idea of Shanghai 2010 World Expo might seem like a dated, superfluous throwback from some preglobalized age. But tell that to the 70 million who are expected to attend Expo 2010 in Shanghai.
From May 1 to October 31, more than 200 national and other pavilions will straddle the city’s Huangpu River, turning a two-square-mile site into an architectural playground.
In the run-up to the Expo, Shanghai seems to have taken this year’s theme, “Better City, Better Life,” to heart, spending tens of billions of dollars to upgrade the city.
The riverfront Bund promenade is getting a makeover with parks and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, while the subway is being dramatically expanded — including several new stations serving the World Expo site
On the “Shanghai 2010 Top Restaurants Scene”, new changes are taking place.
The riverfront Bund promenade has now the new top western restaurant in Shanghai:

The restaurant features critically acclaimed Chef de Cuisine, Paul Pairet, a ”French Catalan” from the southern city of Perpignan, whose avant-garde talents are frequently mentioned in the same breath as those of giants like Alain Ducasse.
Paul Pairet’s innovative cuisine has created a stir in virtually every restaurant in which he has worked (in Hong Kong, Australia, Turkey, and of course, France), and lately as Chef of the top hotel restaurant in Shanghai “JADE on 36” at the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel with his ”Cuisine de Voyage”
At Mr&Mrs Bund Paul Pairet will introduce you to the:
“Menu Digest For First Timer People”
In Asia & particularly in China, “Wine” at restaurants can be an “Expensive Experience”. Mr&Mrs Bund will help you to avoid your — “Expensive Experience” with their Wine Machine Enomatic — with a choice selection of 32 bottles of wine (Red – White – Rose & Champagne) to taste by:
Tasting Glass : 4 cl
Half Glass: 7,5 cl – Full Glass: 15 cl – Jug : 25 cl
The Prices for a “Tasting Glass” will range from: 27.00 Yuan, for “Altos Las Hormigas” – (Malbec – Argentina 2007)  to 516.00 Yuan, for “Chateau Latour”―(1er Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux) F – 1989
This friendly way of tasting allows you to try different wines and make your wine choice with a Jug or a Bottle for your meal or continue the tasting tour with each dish of your meal. Among the Red Wine selection you will find wines from: Argentina – Australia – California – Chile – France – New Zealand – Portugal – South Africa & Spain For White & Rosé: Australia – France – Greece & New Zealand

Shanghai – The Bund – Mr & Mrs Bund Restaurant

Of course, if you are a beer drinker you will have the choice of: Heineken, Corona, Guinness, Asahi (Japan ), Tsing Tao ( China )
Going back to the Menu, Paul Pairet will introduce you to the: “Menu Digest For First Timer People”, with prices from:
* 80.00 to 140.00 Yuan for the Hors D’Oeuvres
* 50.00 to 130.00 Yuan for the Vegetables, Potatoes & Soups
* 150.00 to 380.00 Yuan for Seafood, Shellfish & Fish
* 150.00 to 600.00 Yuan for Meat & Poultry
* 55.00 to 100.00 Yuan for Fruit, Ice & Sorbet, Tart & Co
Prices are very reasonable for a restaurant of his class.
The best choice on the Hors D’Oeuvres selection are:
* Picnic Chicken Ailloli, Char-Grilled Cold Chicken Breast & Garlic Mayonnaise
*Tartare-Hand Cut Tradition, Hand Cut Beef Fillet, Dressing, Herbs Salad, French Fries Cubes
*Pâté de Canard, Homemade Duck & Foie Gras Pâté, Cornichons
*Risotto Truffle & Paris, Truffle & Paris Mushrooms, Truffle Light Meuniere, Parmigiano
*House Fries XXLPP9PP, Oversized French Fries by Paul Pairet
*Catalane Boquerones, Catalane Roasted Capsicum & Fresh Anchovy Salad
*Gaspacho Summer Bread Soup, Toasted Bread, Tomato, Roasted Capsicum, Anchovies, Arugula
* Foie Gras Naturel at Torchon, With ½ Glass of Chateau D’Yquiem sur Saluce 1997

Views of Mr & Mrs Bund Restaurant & Enomatic Wine Machine

Seafood, Shellfish, Fish selection:
*Jumbo Tiger Shrimp in Citrus Jar PP, Steamed in a Glass Jar with Citrus, Lemongrass & Vanilla
*Boston Lobster in Citrus Jar PP, Steamed in a Glass Jar with Citrus, Lemongrass & Vanilla
*Black Cod in the Bag PP, Black Cod Fish Simmered in Head Proof Bag, Cantonese Sauce Beef
*Long Short Rib Teriyaki PP, Teriyaki Glaze, Orange Reduction, Garlic Chips Desserts
*Lemon & Lemon Tart PP, Candied Lemon Filled with Lemon Sorbet, Lemon Curd, Vanilla , Chantilly & Served with Lemon Sablé
*Orange & Orange Tart PP, Candied Orange Filled with Orange Sorbet, Lemon Curd & Vanilla ––Chantilly
That’s all, I think the menu is very interesting and the equation “Price/Quality” is very fair for a top restaurant in Shanghai.
Mr&Mrs Bund, will open by the end of May 2010 a “new concept” of restaurant:
Ultraviolet, is a restaurant, a table, a story in twenty courses: It is a grand theatrical production for the smallest of restaurants. A Play, where Food leads the acts, enhanced by light, sound, fragrance, music, projections in supporting roles. Ten (10) seats, one table, a room designed explicitly for the performance, for a single evening-show choreographed by chef Paul Pairet.
It’s the Professional – Public interpretation of a Homelike – Private dinner party, run by the wizard of Oz, in an improbable location. A bold and exclusive experience, engaging all senses to create the ultimate luxury: a lasting experience; Dares to dare.
One table / 10 guests / dinner only at 8pm / blind interactive “dégustation” set meal / Ultraviolet is a world exclusive 10 seats single table – “Theatre” restaurant.
It is not a private room, everyone can come at ultraviolet. For instance if you make a reservation for 2 guests, you will share the table with other customers, and share the experience. Of course you can also be 2 guests and decide to have the entire table for you. (in this case you will need to reserve the entire table, like a privatization).
What will be the cost per person?
FROM 1,500 Yuan TO 2,000 Yuan; Included Drinks (Fee Not totally fixed for the moment)
Yes, drinks will be included, but that doesn’t mean it will be a wine pairing, as the chef doesn’t consider that wine is always the best pairing, a dish could be served with a tea or a beer or a sake or a coca-cola or a vodka shot….
Guests seats all together at 8pm to experience a “dégustation” set meal of 20 courses or so. The food, is stamped as “Avant Garde Figurative”, understand : very modern, but with flesh and bones. Lights, sounds, and ambiance are tailored set as a choreography designed to enhance and interact on each course. Technically, Ultraviolet is the restaurant at his best : a homelike party, a “little banquet” in a “built in” top professional surrounding, maximizing the technical field of service and cooking possibilities: It is a first.

6F, 18, Zhong Shan Dong Yi road Shanghai 200002, China
Paul Pairet: Chef the Cuisine, Director
Fabien Verdier: Operation Manager
Tel: +86 21 63239898
Open till 4:00 AM

The Pudong Shangri-la Hotel (One & Two Towers)
This hotel has become the ”place to be”, a ”city within the city.”
In other words, if you visit Shanghai, it is the place to stay – or if you can’t afford it, it is the place to visit.
Located since August 1998 in the heart of Pudong, the financial centre of Shanghai, at the edge of the ”Huangpu River” — the only hotel located directly opposite the historical ”Bund” — the Pudong Shangri-La enjoys a prime location with fabulous views of the best of Shanghai.
With the opening in late September 2005 of ”Tower 2” and the new hotel ”Premier Rooms” (54 square meters) — the most spacious guestrooms in Shanghai, — and panoramic, floor-to-ceiling views of the historic ”Bund”
The Pudong Shangri-La is the largest of the Shangri-La Hotel Chain in the world with a total of 981 guestrooms
”JADE on 36” – Restaurant & Bar
It opened in December 2005, and quickly created waves in local and international circles.
”JADE on 36” is the:
”Best Hotel Restaurant” in China!
”A setting that changes the way you think about design.”
”A view that changes the way you thing about Shanghai.”

With the departure of his formal Chef Paul Pairet to create his own
Restaurant the new “Mr & Mrs Bund”
JADE on 36 Restaurant presents Fabrice Giraud, new food designer of French Cuisine.
Born in La Ciotat (near Marseille) with 18 years of experience.
The gastronomic journey at Jade on 36 takes a quantum leap with new food designer Fabrice Giraud, who presents classical French with a contemporary twist.
Fabrice brings to play his rich tapestry of culinary experiences from several Michelin-star restaurants in France and Belgium, notably at
the “Le Pain et le Vin” in Brussels for two years, he also worked in Monaco (Chez Alain Ducasse), London (Grovesnor House), and the Chantecler Restaurant at the Negresco Hotel in Nice.

Prior to making his China debut at Jade 36, Chef Giraud was head chef and catering director at Ermenonville Castle in Ermenonville, France.

Jade on 36 at the Pudong Shangri-la

Chef Giraud has revamped the restaurant menu by presenting classical French cuisine with a contemporary twist. He takes pride in his food being more classical French, where he likes to take traditional recipes and ass new twists and dimensions.

At the moment Jade on 36 offers two set menus with fish or meat:

Jade Aqua — (538.00 Yuan)
L’Ormeau, Lightly pan-seared Abalone with tomato compote & eggplant dressing
Les Moules, Creamy mussel soup with vegetables julienne
Darne de Turbot, Darne of turbot with capers, lemon, potato & chicken jus
Citron, Lemon meringue tart with basil syrup
Coffee or Tea, mignardises

Jade Terra firma — (688.00 Yuan)
Foie gras d’oie, Goose liver terrine with truffles & Muscat jelly, raspberry dressing
St Germain, Yellow split Peas soup with croutons & bacon
Escargots, Pan-fried Snails vineyard style & French toast with sweet spices
Boeuf WAGYU, Wagyu beef sirloin with seasonal vegetables, shallots, pepper sauce
Macaron, Chestnut Macaroon & vanilla poached pears
Coffee or Tea, mignardises

If you don’t like the fix menus you have the choice of traditional dishes “a la carte” at moderated prices.

Foie gras d’oie, Goose liver terrine with truffles & Muscat jelly, raspberry dressing
Foie gras de Canard, Open ravioli of duck liver with truffle emulsion
Pastéque, Fresh salad of watermelon & tofu with mint dressing
Riz, Truffle & olive oil risotto
Caviar Chinois, Chinese caviar from Malossol with cucumber jelly & yoghurt foam
Cabillaud Noir, Pan-fried Black Cod with southern vegetables & bohemian juice
Poitrine de Porc, Roasted Pork belly with sweet spicy tamarind juice & lentils stew
Tradition, Floating Island with raspberry & caramel
Fruit, Sushi Roll of Mango & milk rice, French style!

Of course, with the choice of an extensive & outstanding wine list

”JADE on 36” – Restaurant
Level 36, Grand Tower
Tel: +86- 21 6882 3636
Open daily from 6pm-10.30pm (except for Sundays)
Level 36, Grand Tower
Dress Code — Smart casual
Smoking Policy
Jade on 36 Restaurant accommodates both smokers
and non-smokers.
And to end your “soirée” visit next door ”JADE on 36″— Bar

View of The Bund from Jade on 36

Of course if you don’t like the menu of Jade on 36 you have the choice of several restaurants in the hotel, among them:

Since 1830, the famous group of restaurants known as Nadaman have been treating discerning diners in Japan to traditional cuisine such as kaiseki, described as ’the art of transforming the blessings of nature into food’
With over 43 years expertise in Japanese culinary, of which 28 years were spent heading several Nadaman restaurants in Japan, Chief Japanese Chef Honda Masami ensures that guests of the restaurant benefit from the fine-tuned tradition of using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create innovative, award-winning Japanese cuisine.
Sample menu for reference only:
The traditional Japanese set dinner:
Each set consists of appetisers, soup, sashimi, soya bean soup, rice, pickles and dessert.
Aoi kaiseki — Sushi kaiseki — Kobe-style steak kaiseki
*Sushi, A wide variety of raw fish, cooked fish, shellfish and vegetables with vinegared rice.
Tokusen chirashi — Negitoro don — Tokosen nigiri
*Tempura, Ebi tempura (deep-fried prawns)
Kakiage (deep-fried chopped prawn cake)
*Yakimono (Broiled Dishes), Gindara (grilled silver cod)
Sake butter shoyu-yaki (grilled salmon with butter and soya sauce)
Unagi kabayaki (grilled live eel with sweet brown sauce)
*Dessert — Green tea ice cream, Mango sherbet, Musk melon

Level 2, Grand Tower
Tel: +86- 21 5888 3768
Lunch: Noon – 2.30pm — Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm
Dress Code — Smart casual
Smoking Policy
Nadaman accommodates both smokers and non-smokers.

Gui Hua Lou
Our award-winning fine Chinese restaurant, offers authentic Huaiyang, Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuanese cuisines
Level 1, River Wing
Tel: +86 -21 6882 8888 ext. 220
Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm (Mon – Sat) / 11am – 3pm (Sun)
Dinner: 5.30pm – 10.30pm
Dress Code — Casual
Smoking Policy
Gui Hua Lou accommodates both smokers and non-smokers.

Yi Café is an international culinary experience featuring 10 open-view kitchens and a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere.
The walk-through design evokes a public market, with gourmet showcases and spectacular live cooking stations presenting cuisines from China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Middle East as well as Europe and North America.
Level 2, Grand Tower
Tel: +86 – 21 5877 5372
A la carte: 6am – 10.30pm —— Breakfast: 6am – 10.30am
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm (Mon – Sat)
Brunch: 11.30am – 3pm (Sun) — Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm
Dress Code — Smart casual
Smoking Policy
Yi Cafe accommodates both smokers and non-smokers.

The ”Pudong Shangri-la” hotel has 28 floors in ”Tower One” and 36 floors in ”Tower Two,” with the ”Business Horizon Club” on the top floors.
The Horizon Club offers you these full services, which are included in your room price:
* Complementary: American, Chinese, Continental Breakfast in the ”Club Lounge” from 6:30 to 10:30 AM
* Complementary: cocktails, wines, beers, canapés, hors d’oeuvres (Chinese, Japanese, Continental) from 5:30 to 7:30 PM
* Complementary: soft drinks, coffee & espresso, all day & night
* Complementary pressing of one suit on arrival
* Express laundry service at regular charge
* Late check-out until 6:00 PM, subject to room availability
* Airline reconfirmation
* Free use and connection to Internet
* Facsimile & photocopy services
* Meeting rooms available for Club guests
* Hotel Limousine bookings (Airport pick-up or transfer)
[Great Service from & to Pudong & HonQuiao Airports for a very interesting price of 650 & 550 Yuan – one way]
For a hotel of this class, the prices are very reasonable, if you compare with rates in Paris. A ”Normal Room Minimum Price” at the ”Meridien Hotel” in Montparnasse is around 220.00 Euros and the only view you have is the Montparnasse Train Station
Remember, for the price, you have the best view of Shanghai, and if you can’t sleep at night, you can always count the ships going up and down the Huangpu River.
In conclusion: If you need to choose a ”Hotel” in Shanghai, don’t hesitate – the choice is simple! Stay at The Pudong Shangri-La:
33 Fu Cheng Lu
Shanghai 200120,
Tel: (+86) – 21 6882 8888
Fax: (+86) – 21 6882 6888

The Hotel is only 35 minutes from ”Shanghai Hongqiao Airport” and 50 minutes from ”Pudong International Airport.”
For any information, price query, or reservations, or if you are not happy with the reservations made by your ”travel agent,”
The most important persons to know in the Hotel are:
Ms. Judy Leung
> Horizon Club Tower Two Manager (A Smile)
Ms. Nancy Zhuang
Reservations Manager (The Perfect Reservation)

Shanghai Central, West Bank Huangpu River – View from Hotel
100 Century Avenue
Pudong New Area,
Shangahi, 200120
Tel: +86 21 6888 1234
Fax: +86 21 6888 3400

The hotel is a sophisticated modern Chinese residence occupying the 79th to 93rd floors of the Shanghai World Financial Centre (SWFC), otherwise known as “The Vertical Complex City” in the heart of the Lujiazui business district in Pudong, Shanghai.
With 174 guestrooms including 14 suites
* Bathrooms feature a flat screen television embedded into the vanity
mirror, double sinks, an Oriental bathing area, an oversized rain shower,
a deep-soaking bath, heated floors and a separate powder room
* Walk-in dressing room
* Personal safe suitable for laptop
* Fully stocked bar
* High-speed Internet connectivity
* Non-smoking floors available
Rooms at the Park Hyatt
Park King
Park Twin Bund View King Park Deluxe King
Park Deluxe Twin Bund View Deluxe King
Bund View Deluxe Twin Park Suite King
Diplomatic Suite Chairman Suite

Recreational Facilities
* Water’s Edge on the 85th floor:
* Spa and wellness studio
* Infinity pool and whirlpool spa
* Steam room
* Tai Chi courtyard

Restaurants & Bars

100 Century Avenue Restaurant
Featuring Western, Chinese and Japanese cuisine’s offered from one menu while seated anywhere in the restaurant. This is a destination offering the most sought after dining experience combining views from the 91st floor of one of the world’s tallest buildings overlooking the entire city, with the most dynamic open kitchens appealing to all the senses. Show kitchens include wood-fired ovens, steam, wok, sushi, charcuterie and more.
Restaurant (91st floor)—Western, Chinese and Japanese cuisine
offered from one menu, but prepared from multiple show kitchens
* Two bars (92nd floor)—a Western bar with live music, whisky cellar and whisky private rooms; a Chinese bar
Hours: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm

Dining Room
Featuring informal European cuisine and classic pastries all day.
Dining Room offers informal European cuisine in an elegant and serene surroundings as well as a terrace where a large selection of authentic patisseries are served. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served with spectacular views of the city.
Hours: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

Living Room
Serving Western and Chinese light dishes all day
Located in the hotel lobby, Living Room is a residential style lounge with magnificent views of the Bund. The entire space has been designed to give guests the feeling of being in the living room of an elegant mansion. All day comfort food will be served.

Hours: 7:00 am – 12:00 midnight

100 Century Avenue Bar
Featuring a Western bar with live music, a whisky cellar, whisky private rooms and a Chinese bar.
Combination of a Western bar and a Chinese bar. The West side is a place of enormous energy, contemporary design and stunning views of the city. A top quality Jazz trio and guest vocalist complements the already vibrant atmosphere. The East side bar is Chinese and is an intimate and exclusive room where guests will meet to enjoy a time. Both serve an impressive collection of vintage wines and champagnes as well as cocktails.
Hours: 5:00 pm – 2:00 am

An intimate rendezvous venue, serving classic cocktails.
Located on the 87th floor lobby level with stunning views of Pudong, Bar is an intimate rendezvous venue serving classic cocktails.
Hours: 5:00 pm – 1:00 am

Services & Facilities
• Lobby on the 87th floor
• 24-hour butler service and in-room dining
• Technology concierge
• Laundry / dry-cleaning
• Twice daily housekeeping service
• Manager on duty 24 hours
• Major credit cards accepted
• Multilingual staff
• Observatory on the 100th floor of
Shanghai World Financial Centre
• From Hongqiao Airport: 25 km / 30 min. by car
• From International Airport Pudong: 40 km / 45 min. by car
• From Railway Station: 12 km / 30 min. by car

The Park Hyatt – Top Building on Shanghai’s Skye

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New Hotels in Shanghai (Last minute)

InterContinental Shanghai Expo
Is Shanghai’s newest luxury hotel centrally located, built on the World Expo site in Pudong, with spectacular views of Shanghai’s skyline and the Huangpu River this hotel is ideally situated and is just 8 minutes drive to the heart of Lujiazui, Shanghai’s central business district and numerous shopping areas.
Metro stations 4, 6, 7 and 8 are within walking distance and the hotel is close to all city attractions in Puxi and Pudong
The Hotel features 400 guest rooms, suites and villas showcasing contemporary Shanghainese design at its best with views over the river and World Expo site
The new Ritz-Carlton Pudong
Is just located opposite of Pudong Shangri-la hotel
with 285 top luxury rooms, 5 top restaurants and other facilities.

Well, now you know everything about Shanghai!
So when in Shanghai, you won’t be the lost Guy!

Freddy Santamaria “The Smooth Operator”
Travels to Shanghai since 2001

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